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Euro Leisure Campers

Euro Leisure Campers are the latest addition to a motor trading dynasty that began in 1948 by the founder’s grandfather in Kent, when the first outlets doors opened and has continued to the present day.

The business has grown from its humble beginnings to encompass 13 main dealer outlets and 2 used car outlets, along with the addition of 2 Euro Leisure Camper dealerships, which will increase to 3 in 2022, with a 4th Euro Leisure Camper dealership to be added in 2023.

Euro Leisure Campers only work with VW vehicles and are specialist retailers with this brand.

Euro Leisure Campers are owned and operated by Chris Dacre and Paul Peacock, who bring many years of experience to the business.

Chris Dacre

Chris Dacre’s career in the motor trade started at a very early age.

At 11 years of age, Chris was serving fuel from the family petrol forecourt, earning 12.5p per hour, which led to a life in the motor trade, following in the footsteps of his parents, uncles and grandparents.

Chris’ parents were used VW camper retailers for a decade from 1967 onwards.  Naturally, he was involved in helping source, clean, and sell classic VW campers, as well as exclusively having his family holidays in them.

Paul Peacock

Paul Peacock has been heavily involved with the VW brand for many years, both selling VW vehicles and as regional sales manager for Audi.

With many years in the motor trade, Paul brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to Euro Leisure Campers.

Paul is passionate about the outdoors and is a keen adventurer, having been a ski guide in his earlier life. Paul understands the industry in detail, having worked in various camping sites over the years. Finally, he has enjoyed the camper experience many times himself with his own VW campers over recent years.

How it all began

Pictured from around 1948, the scene shows the original car sales site from immediately after the second world war. The joint founder’s grandfather Archie Friday is shown in the photograph, talking to the joint founders mother, Grace Dacre.

In the background is shown the other sons of Archie Friday, John Friday and David Friday. At the time a workman’s wage was around £3 a week, so at the best part of £600 per vehicle, this represents something like 4 years take home pay. That’s the equivalent of a little over £100,000 in today’s money, so quite a stretch for a pre-war second hand car!

In the background you will see the pigsties where the cars were resprayed prior to sale, so from humble beginnings that’s for sure!